Welcome To Our Community!!

Welcome to Bishops Forest Condominiums

The Bishops Forest Condominium Association is a community located on 70 acres of land with mixed conservation located in Waltham Massachusetts. At Bishops Forest our motto is a Village Community. We strive to cultivate a community of friendliness, transparency, and to increase the knowledge of association living for our residents to continually have a great experience. Through this website, we provide our residents with current and up to date information on the community and community resources. 


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In light of current challenges posed by the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Community Resources page will continue to be updated with links to timely information and resources that may be of interest to community members.

The Baker-Polito Administration has ordered all residents over the age of two to use a face covering or mask in public places where maintaining proper social distancing measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 are not possible. This statewide order went into effect on May 6th and supersedes previously issued guidance relative to mask use.

Until further notice, for the health and safety of all, please remember to maintain physical distancing. Effective May 6th, it is a requirement statewide.

All unit owners in Bishops Forest should be aware that the order applies to its common areas, including the sidewalks, roads, parking areas, tennis courts and swimming pool. Please respect this order and wear a mask or other face covering when you are in any of our common areas where physical distancing cannot be maintained.

The Executive Order can be found here.


  • Annual Election - Electronic voting began at 9:00am on Friday, May 15th Voting ends on June 4th at 3:00pm.  Please check your email (including spam/junk mail folders) for voting information and the indivdual link for your unit.  If you do not receive this email or need additional assistance, please contact the office.  Remember, at least 51% of the beneficial interest of unit owners must cast their ballot by the deadline to ensure a valid election so please vote early!
  • Annual Meeting - Thursday, June 4 at 7:00 pm.  This will be a ZOOM meeting.  More details will be forthcoming.
  • Upcoming Social Committee virtual events can be found by going to the Social Committee Page by clicking here.
  • The Board is now reviewing design and surface materials for renovation of the Entrance.        
  • Observed at Bishops Forest - Despite the statewide hand-held cell phone ban that went into effect in February, we continue to observe drivers using their cell phones while driving on the main road and in villages! Village roads are narrow, and there are no sidewalks.  With more residents staying at home during the pandemic and a return of good weather, there are many more people walking in the community.  Please SLOW DOWN, stop at intersections and give full attention to the road before you hurt one of your neighbors.  Remember the speed limit is 25 MPH on the main road and 15 MPH in the villages. 
  • Solar Lights for Village Entrance Signs - Lights were installed at the entrances to Highlands, Wayside, Woodbury, Arborview Overlook and Morningside Villages in June, 2019.  After eleven months, the lights still appear functional following cloudy days and during inclement weather.  Most have been mounted permanently.  Please let the office know if you find that any lights are not working properly at night, or if you have suggestions for any additional adjustments, or ideas for lighting in other areas.


•  To contact the Property Manager by email use: manager@bishopsforestcondo.com 
•  To contact the Board of Trustees by email use: boardoftrustees@bishopsforestcondo.com
•  To email both the Manager and the Board use: managerandboard@bishopsforestcondo.com 
•  To report a problem, or ask a question, about the website send an email to: admin@bishopsforestcondo.com